VAGNBYS Multi Carafe

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VAGNBYS Multi Carafe


VAGNBYS Multi CarafennFunctionality and design combined at its best. Due to the removable base system, this glass carafe can take, for example, large fruit pieces or even whole fruit, ice, or any flavour you would like to add to the liquid in the carafe. nMake flavoured gins or other spirits, flavoured water, vinegars, fruit syrups, or anything else you can imagine. Just twist the base to remove it, and add ice, fruit or any other ingredient your heart desires, close the base and fill the carafe with liquid. nnVAGNBYS award winning Danish designnnSpecificationsnMaterialsnThe carafe is made of borosilicate glass. nThe top/pourer is made of mirror finished stainless steel, ABS and silicone.nThe base is made of rubber coated PP and silicone. nn1,1 litre capacity

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Weight 0.64 kg
Dimensions 19.6 × 0.64 × 23.4 cm

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