VAGNBYS Champagne Sabre

VAGNBYS Champagne Sabre


VAGNBYS Champagne Sabre

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VAGNBYS Champagne Sabre

A modern tribute to the sabre, seamlessly merging the stainless steel blade, grip and guard. The moulded handle and the thick blade give you a perfectly balanced sabre. With a weight of 560 grams, it is unnecessary to apply much force when opening a champagne bottle.

Opening the champagne bottle with the sabre (called sabrage) is all in the technique. Find the bottle moulding line, running from the cork to the bottom of the bottle. Hold the base of the champagne bottle so that the cork points away from you. Quickly slide the sabre along the body of the bottle on the moulding line towards the cork. The force of the blade hits the lip, separating the collar of the bottle (with the cork still intact) from the rest of the bottle. This leaves the neck of the bottle open and ready for pouring.

This is a kitchen tool and not a weapon. The blade is dull.
Be aware of the flying cork and sharp glass. Make sure no person or animal stands close by when used, particularly in the path of the breaking bottle collar with the cork. The bottleneck will be sharp after opening and could be harmful. Always find and carefully dispose of the bottle collar and cork after sabrage.

VAGNBYS Award Winning Danish Design

Made of moulded and forged mirror finished stainless steel.
Dimensions 470mm x 70mm
Product weight 560 grams
Item Code: 443135 Champagne Sabre

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Weight 1.46 kg
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