VAGNBYS Champagne Set – Twister + Pourer + Stopper

VAGNBYS Champagne Set – Twister + Pourer + Stopper


VAGNBYS Champagne Set – Twister + Pourer + Stopper

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VAGNBYS – Three Piece Champagne Accessory Set


This unique, elegant and modern three piece champagne tool set is a must-have for any champagne or sparkling wine lover

The gift set comprises a Champagne Cork Twister, a Champagne Pourer and a Champagne Stopper.

The Champagne Cork Twister features a four-legged design which grips onto and loosens pressurised corks with a simple twist, to effortlessly aid in uncorking champagne and sparkling wines. This tool latches to the cork and reduces the danger of flying corks.
The designers’ play on the shape of the champagne cork has resulted in a piece of modern art of high quality.

The Champagne Pourer allows for controlled pouring, preserves the bubbles while you pour and prevents dripping. This stainless steel piece ensures that the champagne’s taste and qualities are conserved.

The Champagne Stopper eliminates waste by preserving the flavour and finish of previously opened bottles of champagne. In the unlikely event that you have left a bit in the bottle, you can preserve the remaining champagne with the Stopper. Leftover champagne may be preserved for over 24 hours, as long as the champagne is still “sparkling” at the point that the bottle is closed with the Stopper.

VAGNBYS Award Winning Danish Design


Twister: Made of Zinc Alloy & Chrome Plating
Height: 71 mm
Largest width: 46 mm
Product weight 85 g

Pourer: Made of Stainless Steel, TPR and Chrome Plating
Height: 73 mm
Largest Ø: 33 mm
Product weight 55 g

Stopper: Made of Aluminium alloy, ABS, TPR & Chrome Plating
Height: 70 mm
Largest Ø: 45 mm
Product weight 95 g

Easily washed under the tap

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Weight 0.64 kg
Dimensions 19.6 x 0.64 x 23.4 cm